A senior Information Technology leader with over 25 years’ experience in a range of industries.  Effective in strategy development and execution, organisational transformation and development, complex project and programme management, software engineering, information systems architecture, negotiation and consensus-building, and adding bottom-line value.  Strong financial background (former financial auditor).  Passionate, committed individual who fosters solid partnerships, and develops staff through effective leadership and mentoring.

Achievement Highlights

  • Managed rapid conversion of Global Strategy’s $6 billion AUM Transfer Agency systems into AGF’s, on time, under budget, and with full functionality in place, retaining $1 million in annual revenues for AGF.
  • Directed service-oriented architecture initiative, generating additional revenues of $250,000 initially, with anticipated additional annual revenues of at least $1 million.
  • Led strategy work for a global FI providing roadmap for re-engineering software delivery process, with potential cost savings of $30 million annually after three years.
  • Directed North America rollout of Stock Locator System to ten sites, saving in excess of $100,000 per plant or $1 million annually, and increased efficiencies and customer service.
  • Re-engineered large departmental organisations, with job function redesign, relocation of systems responsibilities, and a physical relocation. Achieved zero staff attrition, increased employee morale and effectiveness, and significant improvements in project and service delivery.