"I had the pleasure of working with Shawn at BearingPoint where Shawn was one of our most senior consultants.  Shawn is a very intelligent technologist, the best I have ever seen in my career.  The work he did for our blue chip FS clients was transformational and the clients were extremely happy with the outcomes.

"I would recommend Shawn for any organization that wishes to be market leaders."

Brian Cook, Country Manager, Hearsay Social Canada

"Shawn came to AGF during a period of transition, managing his team effectively and delivered excellent service to the operations team for which I was responsible.  Shawn is an effective leader who quickly gains the trust of his team and peers.  I have no reservations in recommending Shawn for a lead management position in IT."

Joe Henriques, Principal at JPH Consulting, former VP, AGF Management

"I had the pleasure of working with Shawn on the acquisition of Global Strategy by AGF as Cut-over Project Manager.  The project was highly complex, with extremely tight deadlines. Shawn was a true leader, and guided the 50+ IT resources in delivering a project that was brought in on time and within budget.  The project was deemed a huge success, even though during its inception, many people believed that the timelines were just “too tight”.  I have personally worked on many IT projects since completing the Global Strategy initiative, but the project led by Shawn is one of my most memorable and proudest accomplishments.  Shawn provided the high level strategy to ensure the overall program was a success.  He was a true mentor, and provided the leadership that allowed all the team members to perform 'like a well-oiled machine'.

"It is clear that Shawn has worked his way up the ranks, and understands the work done by the resources working under him.  He is skilled in all aspects of the Systems Development Life Cycle, and has a breadth of experience dealing with Business Analysis, Software Development, Quality Assurance and Project Management.  Shawn insists that his team members inject quality assurance processes (such as code reviews, design reviews, etc.) to ensure quality of deliverables and minimal rework.  I have personally seen Shawn in code reviews and discussions with Developers and DBAs providing his feedback on design.  It is quite impressive to see someone at his level providing effective and meaningful feedback to the teams working with him to deliver successful projects.

"On a personal note, I find Shawn to be a very pleasant individual, always willing to pass on his vast knowledge and mentor those that are willing to learn.  I have learned a tremendous amount from Shawn and feel that any IT organization would benefit greatly by his leadership and Strategic Planning abilities.  I would highly recommend Shawn for any IT position that requires an extremely knowledgeable and skillful IT Strategist/Leader."

Danny Abraham, Release Manager / Environment Manager at OLG

"I have reported to Shawn during the Global Strategy acquisition by AGF. Migration of the transfer agency systems was a massive undertaking in a very narrow timeframe but throughout the whole project Shawn proved time and again that he is not just a manager but a true leader. Keeping the team of 100 motivated throughout an exhausting project was no easy feat but thanks to Shawn's leadership the project was a success. I would be honoured to work for Shawn again and am happy to recommend him."

Bruno Cossi, Managing Partner at Surface BI

"Throughout all our dealings with you over the past several years, you have always given IRG your full attention.  Your expertise, professionalism, resourcefulness and accommodating attitude have been of tremendous help to our company."

Brian Sartorelli, Former President and CEO, Investigative Research Group

"I worked very closely with Shawn [at Cott Corporation] for an extensive period while we transitioned to a new Financial Planning system. Shawn was the lead IT resource during this conversion and went far beyond what we all expected.

"Shawn was not just a partner but became a part of the Finance team, working with us side by side on weekends and late into the nights to ensure that the transition was seamless.

"I can't say enough about his work ethic, his ability to collaborate and his high performance standards. It was a real pleasure to have worked with such talent."

Tom McGough, Business Improvement Professional