Keys to Project Success - Part 10

Keep Stakeholders Engaged

Years ago, very shortly after I’d taken over management of a new team, there was to be a demonstration of a new set of features that my team had developed.  The demonstration was for the heads of the business areas that would be using those new features.  The software was to be imminently pushed to production, and this was the final step.  I was just about to round the corner into the demonstration room when I heard one of those VPs say, “Well, what did you do that for?  We didn’t ask for that!  That’s not going to work!”

Creating Successful Teams - Part 1

I've spent most of my career managing teams in one form or another.  Like most of us, having experienced a variety of team cultures and dynamics, I knew what appealed to me, and what resulted in grumbling from me and my colleagues.  While I certainly wasn't a star at creating effective teams from the get-go, I was determined to become one of those leaders who could, and set about trying to make sure I was.  I read a lot of books, tried a few things, failed at a few, learned, and adjusted.

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