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Keys to Project Success - Part 3

Don’t Skimp on Planning

I should start off this segment by defining what I consider “planning” to be.  Planning is not just scheduling, although many ‘project managers’ I’ve encountered in my career consider the creation of a project schedule the totality of their planning work.  For me, planning is much, much more.  Planning is determining not only the sequence of events and the expected effort involved (in other words, the schedule), and not just who of the existing team is going to do the work, but is in fact the creation of a comprehensive model of everything that will happen to

Creating Succesfull Teams - Part 3

Clear Goals and Objectives

In order to reward, recognise, and celebrate, of course, you need to know what success looks like.  Without understanding what constitutes successfully crossing the finish line, teams struggle to move forward.  And, managers will have a very difficult time guiding their teams forward, because they won't really know in which direction forward is.

Creating Successful Teams - Part 2

Shared Vision and Positive Culture

One book I read relatively early in my management career was Principle Centered Leadership by Stephen Covey.  I highly recommend this book to anyone, and especially to those who find themselves in leadership roles.  Relatively late in the book, Covey covers what he refers to as "Corporate Constitutions".  The following passage particularly resonated with me:

Creating Successful Teams - Part 1

I've spent most of my career managing teams in one form or another.  Like most of us, having experienced a variety of team cultures and dynamics, I knew what appealed to me, and what resulted in grumbling from me and my colleagues.  While I certainly wasn't a star at creating effective teams from the get-go, I was determined to become one of those leaders who could, and set about trying to make sure I was.  I read a lot of books, tried a few things, failed at a few, learned, and adjusted.

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